Morning Meditation: The Principles come from Him, not Them.

The Big Book was written by a businessman. Eventually, the words written within it became a business. The flourish of substance abuse on a daily basis ensures that the business will always be in demand. When does the business of recovery become personal? Todays post will take a closer look.

One of the most important steps in recovery is to literally go through the steps. To practice the steps thoroughly it is suggested that finding a Sponsor that can walk you through them is essential. A Sponsor will help clarify the meaning behind each step and provide additional insight into the purpose of practicing recovery on a daily basis.

However, like any interpersonal relationship conflict can arise. A leader-follower mentality in this relationship can lead to unhealthy situations where a relentless pursuit of adhered guidance leads to mutiny.

Life advice, should be left to the professionals. And let’s be honest, a Sponsor is one drink away.

A few days ago I posted about Mental Health and our most recent podcast touched on it as well. A sensitive topic no doubt, yet some with ‘steps’ in their life will be quick to rival the suggestions given by trained professionals.

Talk about ego.

A Sponsor is supposed to get you through the steps and be there during sobriety threatening circumstances. That’s it.

Avoid crossing the codependent line that often coincides within this dynamic between Sponsor and Sponsee.

Imperative is a relationship with a Higher Power. Beyond that, everything else is a suggestion.

But be careful to not Sponsor your self.

There is a thin line between codependence and ubiquitous thought leadership.

It’s really hard to draw this line too. Mostly because they look nothing like one another yet behave so similar.

This brings me to the echo chamber known as ‘support group’.

To reconcile the knowledge a Sponsor and the Steps provide, a support group can become quite valuable.

This helpful pseudo-family provides opportunities to discuss, debate and debunk theories that only an alcoholic can create.

It takes one to know one, therefore it helps to cultivate an entity of likeminded folk.

Just be aware of the echo chamber. Too often these groups morph into sewing circles that are focused on individual comparison, contrasting the purpose, which is We.

Recovery has no brand. There are principles that when practiced thoroughly encourage growth.

The principles come from Him, not Them.

Remember that.



  1. Paul Anthony Balukas

    February 25, 2018 at 4:00 pm

    It’s kind of funny that professionals then direct you to a program that work I’m sorry you felt that way about your sponsor and your support group may God-bless you and keep you sober

    • Jason Murphy

      February 25, 2018 at 4:27 pm

      The program is great.

      Nobody denies that.

      Much like everything in life, brands emerge. Voices and personality attempt to prevail.

      Thats life.

      The separation between the program and personal relationships is evident within your comment.

      This post contrarianly compliments what was written yesterday-which questioned why professionals don’t value the 12 -steps more.

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