Give it up to someone

Higher power, cops, polar, perhaps pops.

2 ways.

Well probably more like 11.


Buildings come falling and along with ’em all the walls.

Personalities never seem to stay consistent so we dont visit.

Chisel away at the paperchase

Faberge left you?

Vases filled with flowers.

Water them too.

CBT for pants.

Monoxide vs. Homocide

Speech wins, communication needs …

Like a grocery cart with a bad leg, we’ll still get the job done.

Higher power, polar, cops, perhaps pops

Content with the ring the way it is just makes me wanna become a jeweler

Who ya foolin’

Pursuin triumphant moments like a Truman knowing damn well baby aint boomin

Circles for sewing so my fabric stays closed knitted.



  1. Paul Anthony Balukas

    February 24, 2018 at 1:59 pm


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